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Discover the magic that makes you you

Discover the magic that makes you you

Plant the seeds of transformation in your personal + business life during this three-day retreat in Nashville, TN! 

Did Somebody Say Whimsy Retreat? 

scroll on if you're smiling. Trust me, its meant for you.


Hi!! I’m Haylee, mom of 3, wife to my husband Russ, and accidental million dollar business leader! I’ve learned a ton about confidence and courage, but I def didn’t always feel secure and joyful!
Two years ago, my business was doing great on the outside…but on the inside I was exhausted. I was caught on the hamster wheel of hustle, and I couldn’t get off of it.
Then, I attended my first Suzy School Method Retreat. Those three brief days began a transformation process that has brought me clarity and joy I didn’t know I could have!  
Now I’m leading a sisterhood of women through my own retreat, and I want YOU there! I want you to finally know what it feels like to have peace, freedom, and confidence in business and in life.

Something inside of you is ready for this! 

Ready to say yes to you?


I showed up scared to my very first Suzy School retreat because I wasn’t sure if investing in myself would be worth it. But I was tired of feeling burnt out, unclear, and overwhelmed in my business and in life. I took the risk and...

I once felt those same things too!

I can now promise you that something magical happens in these few transformational days!

but guess what...


“She has helped me process through the hard and not-so-fun business decisions I’ve had to make all while being encouraging, real, gentle and kind. She constantly blows me away with how she has built her business & how freely she shares her knowledge.”

— alex

"It is always so life giving to gain from Haylee's immense wisdom in my business"

The Whimsy Retreat


This once-in-a lifetime retreat is designed to help you discover the magic that makes you you and help you feel confidence, peace, and ease in your life and business. I trained directly with Suzy Holman, creator of the Suzy School method and owner of multiple million dollar brands, to create this retreat!

Very often we find that our mindsets and mental trash is actually what's stopping our growth. With our trained professional life and thought coach Jaime Gordon @unstuckologist, we help to remove those mental blocks. Diving into the past and present to remove stumbling blocks. This is incredibly important work. It's tough though! Come prepared to open up. It is in this work we often discover the core of our brand, we connect with our purpose and things start to come into alignment. We focus an entire day on this work.

You will leave the retreat with tools to dig in and get to know yourself, your dreams, and your goals in life even better! We will have mini courses on the enneagram and human design. Understanding the way you're wired and what you need to succeed will give you the courage to structure your business so that you're thriving. 

Here's What You'll Get

Mental + Heart Work

Discovering you

Dig Deep

you are full of magic

Spend time with me and my hand-picked coaches where we will cover branding, mindset, marketing, growth strategy, and so. much. more. You will leave feeling inspired and with a plan to get started!


one on one and group

We break down the verbal and visual identity of your brand and you have a mini brand photoshoot that aligns with that identity. Becca of @heybeccaphoto is unmatched at capturing the true essence of who women actually are. We have an inkling (because this happens to most) you will come home from the retreat and launch a new offer! These photos can be used for websites, emails, social content and more. Becca's ability to portray you as your brand is amazing. Professional photos + solid branding + high value content = content that will CONVERT!


game changing

Can’t. Wait. To. Get. Started. 

So much of the value of the retreat comes from the other women. If you are not a team player type, then this retreat is not for you. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. Community over competition has always been a belief of mine. You get what you give in the sisterhood, and if you are willing to give your time, talents and friendship openly then this retreat can be the greatest you’ll ever make. This group will be your accountability as you come home from the retreat. Monthly group coaching calls will be scheduled for 2 months after the retreat with Haylee. Your success is our success!!

A Mastermind


The details

Where: We’ll stay and work in a gorgeous Airbnb in Nashville, TN. All meals included, so you don’t have to lift a finger! 

When: March 13th, 6:00 PM - March 16th, 9:00 AM 2023

Cost: $2695 (payment plans available) this is the lowest price we will have! The price will be going up at future retreats.

Day 1: The Get-to-Know-You Dinner
You’ll arrive as strangers and leave the weekend with lifelong memories and friends you can no longer live without (introvert-friendly, promise!).

Day 2: The Heart Work 
We’ll be using some tools that I’ve found helpful for getting to know myself (the Enneagram, Human Design, etc.), and we’ll have additional coaches to help everyone walk through these processes and overcome places you’re stuck. 

Day 3: Your Business 
We’ll be basing this day off the needs of our attendees (so make sure your application is thorough!), but I’ll be spilling all the tea on what’s worked (and what hasn’t worked) when it comes to building a website, building a team, growing on social media, working with suppliers, and so much more. 

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3 days, 3 nights at a stunning Airbnb (all your meals included by an incredible chef!)

Here's everything you'll get

A sisterhood of like minded women, overcoming their insecurities and embracing their unique stories just like you



the Whimsy retreat

Professional on brand headshots (a GAME CHANGER, trust me!!) 


Coaching from myself, a multi-million dollar e-commerce leader, and my amazing hand picked coaches 


A giant guidebook full of so much good stuff you’ll use it for years to come 


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So much amazing swag it might not all fit in your carryon back home 


A year from now you’ll look back and say…

I’m so glad I said yes to myself!

Know what makes you unique and amazing (aka your personal brand!). 

Understand in your heart that you’re only shining when you’re truly yourself. 

Have the tools you need to design a life and business that match your purpose and passion. 

Be ready to flourish confidently because you have the strategy + community to help you get there. 

Have a sisterhood of amazing women who will be cheering you on for years to come. 

Feel ready to go after your next launch, business idea, and dreams!

By the end of The Whimsy Retreat, you will...

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I cannot begin to express what this experience encompassed and meant for me. It was heart-felt, soul-soothing, and very rewarding. I felt safe, welcomed, and appreciated within the group. I felt a connection to all the ladies and formed friendships and professional connections. I was moved and touched throughout the retreat and related to many of the woman’s stories.



"Haylee is a selfless encourager, inclusive of everyone, collaborative, an incredible listener and genuinely cares about who you are and what you dream of being and achieving."


Kind words

3 days, 3 nights at a stunning Airbnb with meals crafted by an incredible chef

A sisterhood of like minded women, overcoming their insecurities and embracing their unique stories just like you  

Professional headshots (a GAME CHANGER, trust me!!)

Coaching from myself, a million dollar e-commerce leader, and my amazing coaches

A giant guidebook you’ll use for years to come

So much amazing swag it might not all fit in your carry on back home!

One more time, here’s what you’re saying yes to: 

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Are meals included?

All meals except the morning we leave are crafted just for us by an incredible chef. The food is TO DIE FOR, trust me!! Special diet needs? We got you! Our chef can accommodate everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lodging included?

Yes!!! You all get to stay together in an incredible Airbnb in Nashville, it's like the slumber party you've dreamed of, where everyone is kind, and supportive and you stay up chatting about your dreams together! Spaces are limited and are first come first served!

Do I need to rent a car?

You don’t need to rent a car unless you want one - you can grab an Uber from the airport to the Airbnb if you’re flying in! 

Is it The Whimsy Retreat worth it?

Any business leader or dream-achiever will tell you two things make all the difference: a community of people who “get you,” and coaching or mentorship from people who have been there before. This retreat offers both, and I can promise you that while growing your business is important and wonderful, it’s the change that happens inside of you that you absolutely can’t put a price on.

How big does my business have to be to apply?

It doesn’t matter how big your business is (you don’t even have to have a business yet!). If you’re ready for clarity and purpose in your life, and to help your business align with your purpose, this retreat is for you. 

I’m an introvert – will I make friends here?

Trust me, everyone feels anxious about this (I'm an extrovert and I was nervous before my first retreat!!) But I promise, something amazing happens when we all get out of our comfort zones and focus on growing together. You’ll make friendships with people you never would have met before, and you’ll be so proud of yourself that you took the leap!

How is this different from an business course I could take online? 

I’m giving you access to some of the behind-the-scenes, expert advice you would normally never get from an online course. That alone is incredibly valuable! But even more valuable is the opportunity to get clarity on what makes you unique and amazing in a supportive, freeing environment. I’ve found that business is so much more than just learning great social media strategy - it’s knowing who you are and what you want out of life so you can grow your business confidently!

When will I hear back about my application?

We are trying to reply within 1 week to your application! We will send you an email with more info by then!



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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in you and your business is an important one! I’d love to help you work through any questions! 

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